December 8, 2016

Why is an Accounting Financial Statement Important?

It is important to maintain and update an accounting financial statement, a Glasgow accountant from The Kelvin Partnership can help you with this.

Maintaining Financial Records

An accounting financial statement is evidence of a business’ financial health. In a situation in which your business needs to provide evidence of its finances, for example, during a tax return or audit, these reports will be something that can be referred to. Maintaining them throughout the year decreases the time you waste stressing to sort out your financial information, when you are asked for it. We can help you with book keeping.

A maintained and up to date accounting financial statement Our accountants will ensure your files remained organised and easily accessible!

Making Management Decisions

Improved management decisions are another reason that financial statements are important. With knowledge of how your business is operating and performing, it will be much easier to make beneficial company decisions. Using the data from the balance sheets, income reports etc., you can make well informed judgements and notice the opportunity for improvement. We can help with this and offer the service of a business health check.

Glasgow Accountant

Investment Opportunities

Also, another bonus of keeping financial statements is that it will increase investment. Investors always want financial evidence about your company. By providing them with an accounting financial statement, they will be appreciative. Also, being able to give them a sense of how the future of the company is going to go will increase the chance of their investment. Our  accountants offer help with investment advice.

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Satisfied Shareholders

Shareholders in your business have the obvious concern that your company is doing well. An accounting financial statement is the best way of ensuring shareholders are confident in your business. By keeping these financial reports it shows to them that you are in control of the company. Making it a priority to maintain and understand the business’ finances. For more tips on how a to get the most from your accountant check out our last post.

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