August 9, 2017

When Should You Hire an Accountant?

One of the many challenges of starting a new business is deciding when to hire an accountant! Our team at The Kelvin Partnership understand that when accounting for small business purposes there are lots of things to consider. Working together we will be able to plan what services you need and when.

At The Kelvin Partnership we value long lasting, trusting client relationships. We find it very important to work closely with clients to really understand how their businesses operate and how they will benefit from our services. From the agriculture to the transport industry, we have a variety of experience!

Overcoming challenges

There are lots of challenges a business faces, from beginning to end. Our accounting team can make your life easier by working on your business plan, advise you on company formation and any tax worries! Helping you to overcome any challenges. Don’t let your business become affected by your own stress! A Glasgow accountant has so much experience when it comes to accounting for small business needs.


Thinking about legal structure?

Another point in your business life when you should think about help from an accountant is when deciding on a legal structure. If you have no previous experience of this, you will need a bit of help! Not all companies have the same legal structure. You might have a limited company or a limited liability partnership. Our accountants can help at this stage, explaining each company structure and deciding which one is most suited to your company.

Trouble with finances?


The obvious role of an accountant is to help with business finances. It doesn’t matter at what stage you are at in your business, a fresh look and insight into your business is always helpful! Allowing any problems to be identified and worked on. After having lots of experience in accounting for small business needs, our accountants at The Kelvin Partnership can provide quality finance advise.

Don’t be afraid to delegate!

Small business owners tend to be guilty of over working. Having control over each aspect of your business from your working hours, business strategy, workload, can become too much stress! That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to delegate different tasks. Though no one will know your company as well as you do, handing jobs over to other people can provide new ideas and take away your unnecessary hassle!

Accounting for Small Business Needs – The Kelvin Partnership

There are so many different aspects of business that our team can provide guidance for. Look at our last post about tax advice!

Interested in the services one of our team can offer or would you like other business help? Contact us today.