September 27, 2017

What Can An Accountant Do For Your Business?

What can an accountant do for your business? Sometimes, it is hard to know what an accountant can help you with! Our accountants for business can advise you on;

  • Starting a business
  • Business growth & the day to day running
  • VAT & tax planning and disputes


The Kelvin Partnership has worked with businesses from all industries for a number of years. So, a Glasgow accountant understands what it takes for us to help you! According to the stage your business is at in its lifecycle, our accountants for business will provide you with the highest level of business advice!

So, what can an accountant do for your business?

start up advice from accountants for business An accountant can help at each stage of the business process!

Starting a Business

Company formation can be the most stressful point of pursuing the dream of having your own business. There are so many different decisions to make and things to set up in order to create a solid business foundation. Our accountants for business will be able to offer a solution to any stresses you have! We can help you with choosing the most appropriate business structure, the best accounting software and which bank account would be best suited.

man planning business Make sure you make a business plan that makes room for growth!

Running of a Business

Running a business is just as a crucial stage of decisions as the formation! Our accountants for business will be able to guarantee you maintain a healthy business and continue to grow. To do this we will;

  • Manage financial records, statements etc.
  • Offer payroll and PAYE returns service
  • Keep an up to date, organised tax system to ensure deadlines are met
  • Oversee any other financial decisionsmeetings Together, we will make sure your business is healthy and successful!

Growing a Business

What can an accountant do for your business growth? When it comes to the business growth stage, our accountants for business have a wealth of valuable experience to offer. It may take an outside opinion for your business to keeping growing! Using the business growth service we offer, you can expect to be helped in a range of areas. From raising finance, looking at marketing strategy to improving and motivating team members. There is so much you can do to keep developing a company, with the right guidance, anything is possible!

Also, growing in business is not just about growing one business. Thinking about expanding or selling? Our accountants for business can help manage a business sale or look over any possible deals for expanding! We understand that big decisions like these need time to consider and you need the right team around you for support. Business is about thinking of all possibilities, do not limit yourself!

money piles No matter if you are selling or expanding, growth in business is vital!

Accountants for Business with The Kelvin Partnership

Here at The Kelvin Partnership, we like to make sure our clients are up to date with the latest in financial news and advice. If you would like to know more about the likeliness of facing a tax investigation, look at our last post!

Interested in what an accountant can do for your business? Contact us today!