October 20, 2017

Top 5 Ways to Save Your Business Money

Have you got a start-up company? Trying to save money in business should be one of your priorities! The team at The Kelvin Partnership can advise you how to budget, draw up and stick to a plan.

Having been in practice for over 30 years, our Glasgow accountant team have wide ranging experience. We have helped different businesses in varying industries with our financial services, so we understand that each start-up has their own needs!

So, how can you save money in business?

Be Energy Conscious

save money in business by switching off lights

Switching off lights and any other appliances, you will be sure to save money!

A simple way of saving money in business is to become more aware of how much energy you are using. Many people forget to turn appliances, lights, computers etc. off when not in use, this is easy to change! Encourage employees to get on board. Everyone nowadays is making  their own efforts to become energy conscious, there will be no problem in doing this in your workplace!

Reduce your Marketing Budget


Why not do initial social media marketing yourself? Reduce your marketing budget, you’ll be sure to save money!

How much are you spending on marketing? New businesses tend to completely dive in and hire a marketing agency to do things! Have you thought of doing the basics yourself? Creating a social media profile to increase your business’ online presence is free! Though it requires some more time and effort, it is very effective if done properly.

Work from Home

desktop mac work from home

Working from home is an ideal way to save money in business.

Do you have a small business? A way of saving money in this case is to relocate your office to your home. Is your workspace really worth the rate you are paying? Working from home is another simple change. Even if you cannot work from home, look around for alternative options that cost less! In your initial years of business, it’s a good idea to keep your options open.

Planning is Essential

budget planning

Keep track of your budget with a successful plan!

Another way you can save money in business is by drawing up and sticking to a budget plan! This is the best way of keeping control over your business expenses. Having a plan will allow you to always be aware of your incomings and outgoings and review the plan regularly to see if any improvements can be made!

Interns Need Experience

interns at meeting

Interns are ideal if you need work done but cannot afford professionals!

Hiring interns is another way you can save money in business. Interns are keen to learn and need experience, it is the ideal set up! An easy way to find eager students is to contact universities in your local area. If you have extra work you and do not know what to do, instead of having the added expense of a professional, look at what an intern could offer you!

Here at The Kelvin Partnership we like to make sure that our customers are kept up to date with the latest in financial news and advice. Look at our last post to learn more about funding options for new businesses.

Does your business need to help to save money? Contact us today.