October 26, 2018

Should You Hire an Accountant for Your Small Business

Wondering if you should hire a tax accountant for small business purposes? An Glasgow accountant will be able to help you with more than you might expect!

At The Kelvin Partnership, we handle a vast range of accounting matters. From company formation tasks, to raising finance and bookkeeping, we will take care of it all. We have specialists in each aspect of accounting and so, we can guarantee that your business will run more effectively with our valuable support. We believe accounting guidance is essential for every small businesses, at any stage.

Hire an Tax Accountant for Small Business Purposes

Vital Accounting Services

An accountant will take care of the financial responsibilities in business that are essential to the effective running of your company. It is vital that your business starts off with a trusted accountant to ensure there is a stable financial structure that you and your colleagues can build upon in the future. An accountant can complete the payroll, tax return and record-keeping tasks that a business needs in order to keep going and growing!

Business Advice and Auditing

tax accountant for small business

Another reason you should hire a tax accountant for small business is because they can act as business advisors as well as auditors. In taking on the role of a financial advisor they can give their opinion on your business situation during important business meetings as well as when needed for daily business goings-on.

Audits are so vital for the growth of a business. An audit needs to be undertaken by someone on the outside of your business, who has no affiliation or bias. An accountant from The Kelvin Partnership always carries out an initial business audit to see at what point each business is at.


And of course, the main reason it’s essential to hire an accountant for a small business is because of tax. An accountant from The Kelvin Partnership is always up to date with the latest tax information and news from HMRC. We will ensure that your business is maintaining organised and accurate taxes, ready to submit on time. With our help your business can concentrate more on other business matters, knowing your taxes are in the safest of hands. From corporation to income, we can cover all aspects.

At The Kelvin Partnership we are passionate about ensuring clients; commercial and domestic, are kept updated and informed when it comes to every area of accounting. And so, take a look at our last post to find out more about things your startup business must have.

Trust the team from The Kelvin Partnership when it comes to hiring a small business accountant.