March 18, 2019

Brexit: Advice for Scottish Entrepreneurs

starting your own business in Scotland

Starting your own business in Scotland? Worried about the changes Brexit may make to your business plan? A Glasgow accountant from The Kelvin Partnership can help you through. We have helped many entrepreneurs growth their business and thrive when faced with challenges.

Starting Your Own Business in Scotland – Brexit Advice

start up business brexit

We will help your new business through Brexit!

Keep Up With Current Affairs

If you’re in the process of starting your own business in Scotland at the moment, Brexit is fast approaching! You need to keep updated with what’s going on. Educate yourself on potential changes and how this can affect your business plan. Whether you subscribe to updates via a news app or read industry specific publications, make sure you remain in the loop of the progression of Brexit. Also, it may be an idea to start networking with those in the same sector. Ask peers what steps they’re taking to deal with Brexit!

Understand and Prepare

As we mentioned in our last post, the outcome of Brexit is completely out of your control. So, instead of feeling nervous and negative about it, plan and understand it! The Brexit deadline of the 29th of March will be here very quickly. Make sure you start forming solutions for potential problems, now. What would a hard deal do to your business plan? Think practically about Brexit consequences and face up to them. Don’t avoid them.

New Options

Have you carried out your research and considered your options as a start up business owner in Scotland? Is your current business model risky? Don’t give up, you should explore new options. Though the future of post Brexit UK is extremely uncertain for everyone, don’t be scared of it. The Kelvin Partnership can help you tweak your business plan and develop new ideas.

Trust the The Kelvin Partnership to support your start up business through Brexit.