July 21, 2016

Advice for Start Up Businesses

Are you in need of some accounting tips for start ups?

A Glasgow accountant from The Kelvin Partnership will be able to give lots of accounting tips for start ups! After being an established and trusted accountancy firm for a number of years, our accountants have quality experience when it comes to new start up businesses.

Setting up and starting your own business is a challenging and daunting task. Turning nothing into a successful business requires a lot of time and patients, but with the help of a small business accountant, the task can be made significantly easier.

computer with accounting tips for start ups

What is a Start-Up?

A start-up can be defined in a number of different ways, but ultimately it is a new company (typically less than three years old). The term “start-up” is generally applied to new business which are expected to see rapid growth and expansion. Start-ups tend to be very innovative and focus on a gaps in the market, enabling the new company to experience rapid growth and expansion.  However, it is generally accepted that a start-up is a new company.

Some Famous Start-Ups

One of the most successful start-ups in recent times has to be the mobile app “Uber”. Uber allows you to hail and pay for taxis from your mobile. The app very quickly grew in popularity and expanded to cities around the globe.

Recently, the holiday rental site, Airbnb has joined the travel and tourism industry. Airbnb allows users to find properties available for holiday lets all around the world. The website is changing the way people holiday and has gained popularity in a very short period of time.

Snapchat is yet another start-up which became a huge hit across the globe. The photo sharing app has developed overtime with regular updates bringing more and more features to users. The innovative app is now worth over $10billion.

How Can an Accountant Help Start-Ups?

There are many accounting tips for start ups! As you set up, start and establish your new business, you will face many challenges. Some of these challenges will be harder to overcome than others, but with a small business accountant by your side, you will have someone to help you every step of the way.

Our accounting tips for start ups

An accountant is able to help you and your business from day one, from creating a business plan to registering for VAT. One of the more challenging aspects of starting a new business can be the formation of your company. Whether you are looking to form a limited liability partnership or a PLC, a small business accountant can ensure you set up the best type of company for you and your business.

On top of the formation of your company, we can help you to raise and secure finance for your business to ensure you can keep your company on the track to success. We can also ensure that you have an appropriate, realistic business plan to help your business achieve its full potential.

As a new business it is essential to have a business friend you can truly trust, and with an accountant by your side from day one, you can rest assured that they will do all they can to keep your business running successfully.

Also, our knowledge does not just stop at accounting tips for start ups! If your business has been going steady or if you feel like there is a problem, why not look at our last post to see if you need a business health check.

At The Kelvin Partnership we want to help your start-up to become a flourishing business. If you are interested in any of our small business accountant services, then do not hesitate to get in touch.