January 4, 2018

Start off 2018 with a Business Health Check

Start off 2018 in the best way possible with a business health check from The Kelvin Partnership. The beginning of a new year is the best possible time to look at the health of your business. Our health check service is designed so that it is easy to identify any areas of the business that could be improved. Follow our tips for business growth!

At The Kelvin Partnership, we have helped many redirect and grow their businesses to success. All it takes is a simple review, an ideal way to identify where your business is struggling. After 30 years in business, we are well qualified and experienced, our Glasgow accountant team have no problem working with a range of businesses with different needs.

Valuation of Your Business

pound signs

A health check will give you an in depth business valuation!

A reason you may use our business health check service, is if you are in need of a business valuation. Every business-owner must have an up to date valuation at all times. You will need a business valuation if; there is an opportunity to sell or merge, a new owner is added, if something happens to you (the owner), the business is looking to expand or a shareholder or partner is leaving. This is only one way a business health check can help!

Goal Setting

goal setting business health check

Set realistic goals with the help of a business health check!

As we mentioned in our previous post, goal setting is vital when growing a business. This is another aspect that a business health check can help with. A whole business health check process is hard work, there is so much included. Despite this it is so worthwhile as it enables you to set realistic and well thought out goals. We know that every business owner is passionate about constantly achieving and growing, however, this development needs to be step by step! Whatever goals you want to achieve in 2018, The Kelvin Partnership’s business health check service can help you get there.

Rethinking Strategy

business strategy

Rethinking your strategy in 2018!

An additional bonus of having a business health check, is that it will help you to rethink strategy. Because the service looks at all areas of the business, it allows us to see if the current strategy (whether that be marketing or pricing for example) is effective. If it is shown to be weaker than you would like it to be, we will work with you to develop a new, positive strategy. Taking some time to reflect on the past year will definitely benefit the overall success of your business.

Disaster Recovery Planning

plan and notebook

We will help to create a disaster recovery plan.

The business health check service also helps to identify a disaster recovery plan. A part of business that we do not like to dwell on, however is necessary to organise. Using the information from our work on the health check, we will create a disaster recovery plan that you are happy with and approve of! Such a plan will help your business in the face of death, loss of key members of staff or in the event of a failure within the business. Having an effective plan like this will enable you to go about fulfilling owner responsibilities without any concerns!

A Business Health Check with The Kelvin Partnership

Grow your business in 2018, with the help from The Kelvin Partnership.