VAT Returns

Looking for VAT returns advice and support? The team at The Kelvin Partnership are experts when it comes to VAT accounting.

After helping several clients in completing their VAT returns on time to HMRC, we understand what it takes and what is needed. Our accountants always strive to help clients in whatever way possible and therefore, will advise you not only on matters associated with VAT, but also any other financial query you may have. We cover business and personal accounting and so can guarantee the right team of people will be involved in your VAT accounting support.

VAT Accounting from The Kelvin Partnership

What is a VAT Return?

A VAT (value added tax) return is an important piece of documentation that is used to calculate how much VAT should be reimbursed or paid to HMRC. A VAT return should include;

  • Total amount of sales made (without VAT) and the VAT charged on these sales
  • Details of your purchases (without VAT) and the VAT that you have paid on these purchases, and can therefore reclaim
  • A summary of trade with EU countries (if applicable), UK companies can claim VAT from imports from the European Union

Who Needs to Complete a VAT Return?

If your annual turnover is more than the VAT threshold you will have to fill out a VAT return.

How Do You Complete a VAT Return?

Returns are to be completed 4 times a year, online to HMRC. In completing a VAT return most businesses look to their bookkeeping systems for the information.

Why use The Kelvin Partnership to Complete VAT Returns?

Aside from our expertise and experience in handling matters of business tax and VAT, we love to make sure that our clients are looked after from beginning to end. We will ensure that your VAT returns are prepared for submission every quarter without any hassle. We will include all the necessary information and be thorough when completing it. Many businesses opt for help with VAT accounting if they feel uncomfortable or stressed with filing a return. Don’t worry about VAT! The team from The Kelvin Partnership are here to help you.

VAT Inspection

Also, using our VAT accounting service will reduce the chances of being visited by the VAT man. A VAT inspection may occur if you have submitted your return late or incorrectly. However, you may still get a visit if you have filled everything in properly – they are sometimes at random. How often HMRC will visit depends on these errors and depend on the size/complexity of your business.

If you are due for a visit HMRC will give you advance a weeks notice, confirm the information they would like to look into, confirm how long the visit will take and whether or not they will inspect your business premises.

If you have had the support from one of our VAT accounting team and you are contacted for a visit – there is no need to panic! Everything will be in order. However, without our help you may fall likely to some penalties or surcharges.

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