VAT Registration, Planning & Disputes

Are you struggling with accounting for VAT? We understand that when it comes to complying with VAT there is so much that needs to be completed. The Kelvin Partnership are on hand to help you with any accounting, for VAT issues you may have.

We are so passionate about ensuring businesses across many different industries are filing their VAT returns appropriately. And so, we cover a vast range of different financial and accounting services and we make sure to carry out these services with thorough care for the business owners. You can trust the team from The Kelvin Partnership to provide your company with a high standard of VAT support.

Accounting for VAT Registration, Planning and Disputes

What is VAT Registration?

If your business makes more than £85,000 a year, you must register for VAT (value added tax). However, many businesses who make under this annual amount register as it can ensure that you are ready to grow your business!

Businesses are required to register online for VAT. On the Government Website, all that is required is click on “register for VAT,” fill in your details and then you will have an VAT online account. This is where you submit your VAT returns to HMRC. Though the process may seem simple, many businesses opt to have an accountant take care of their VAT responsibilities. Asking a professional for advice around the whole VAT process is very beneficial in the long run!

VAT Planning

The requirements of VAT are updated so often and so, the process of filing your VAT return has become particularly complicated. Therefore many businesses find it necessary to ask for the support of our VAT planning service. We will meet with you and discuss what it is you need, then we will draw up a VAT plan which we consider appropriate. When the financial year draws to a close, our team will be there to ensure your VAT filing carried out on time. Our VAT services can be adapted to suit any industry. For example; builders, businesses with international trade, companies dealing with property and charities, all have particularly difficult VAT circumstances. We have helped businesses from these most complex sectors (VAT wise) in achieving successful VAT returns, avoiding disputes and more!

VAT Disputes

The issue of settling a VAT dispute can be completely avoided by seeking advice from one of our professionals! There could be a number of reasons for a dispute, however, all that matters is that it is resolved, effectively. Continuing our guidance from the stage of VAT planning; we will do everything in our power to make sure that your business does not have to tackle a dispute. We will guide you through the appropriate steps at rate that you feel comfortable with.

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