Tax Investigation Fee Protection

Are you facing a tax investigation? In recent years the number of businesses, charities etc. facing an investigation from HMRC has risen; because of this many businesses are opting in to HMRC tax investigation insurance.

We know that it is difficult to understand the HMRC enquiry process and so many organisations are unaware the importance of having HMRC tax investigation insurance. The Kelvin Partnership are passionate about ensuring clients are saving money and well informed when it comes to tax matters. This is why our experienced accountants will provide you with the highest standard of service during a tax enquiry.

HMRC Tax Investigation Insurance from The Kelvin Partnership

What is HMRC Tax Investigation Insurance?

HMRC tax investigation insurance (also known as a tax investigation protection fee), protects a business, charity or person from the additional accounting costs that arise as result of an enquiry. This insurance allows the accountant defending the investigated business to claim back any expenses during the defence process.

There is the possibility that a tax investigation could span over many months and, of course, the cost of accounting support varies over every company. However, it is likely that a tax investigation will lead you to having a very large bill come the end of the year. Remember – this amount owed to your accountant will exclude your annual accountancy bill! Also, if the investigation proves that you are required to pay more tax to HMRC – you will already have more expenses than usual.

Why Might you be Subjected to a Tax Investigation?

HMRC can investigate your company with or without reason. You can be selected at random for an enquiry, even though the tax return you submitted was accurate and on time! Please remember that defending a tax investigation is a specialist accounting service, and so, make sure you hand your tax responsibilities over to an experienced. Our team will ensure that by the end of the enquiry, you are paying the right amount of tax.

What are the Benefits of HMRC Tax Investigation Insurance from The Kelvin Partnership?

Should your organisation be under investigation, this insurance will ensure that you aren’t faced with paying any additional and unexpected expenses come the end of the enquiry! By opting in to our policy you will avoid paying out large sums. Another benefit of HMRC tax investigation insurance from The Kelvin Partnership, is that you will have an experienced defence team handling your enquiry and so, are more likely to avoid further tax demands from HMRC.

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