Raising Finance and Investment

Are you looking into raising finance? For a new or existing business it is vital that there is financial stability. We know that it can be a struggle to achieve the right amount of capital in order for a business to progress. And so, the team from The Kelvin Partnership are more than happy to help.

We work with businesses every day providing a variety of financial advice. Because of this we have experience in guiding business owners in the right direction. There are many reasons that a business may need investment or finance. Whether it is because your business is losing money currently, you have just started a new venture or you are expanding; we will develop a plan of action suitable for your needs.

Raising Finance with The Kelvin Partnership

What does raising finance entail?

Most businesses at some point or another have needed to raise finance. It is a necessary stage in the life of a business! Raising money can be achieved in a variety of ways, however the most typical efforts are made through banks, similar lenders or from personal savings. However, money can be also be sourced from family members, venture capitalists, using a pension fund etc. depending on the situation.

Why might you need to Raise Finance?

Starting a business

When starting a business it is an essential step to raise finance and look for investment. This can be a difficult process, especially if you have no previous history in that industry or even owning a business. This is where an accountant from The Kelvin Partnership can help! We will provide you with the best options; whether that be bank borrowing or private investors.

Expanding a business

Another situation in which there is the necessity of sourcing finance is when looking to develop your business. Business owners should always be looking to grow, and some do this by expanding. Raising finance in this way requires very careful thought and planning, as it will affect your whole business; including employees, property and equipment. Often it is the case that, in seeking to raise finance for an existing business, it is worthwhile to look into changing business operations. The team from The Kelvin Partnership will make you fully aware of which steps to take if your business is at this stage.

Why Choose The Kelvin Partnership?

As a business we understand what it’s like to look for funding and investment from external sources and how the process of raising capital can be disheartening. This is why we want to make other business owners more comfortable at the thought! We are a thorough and experienced team, and so we will go through your business accounts before providing an opinion, so that everything is out the open. Then, we will present you with the opportunities of finance which we think are most suitable and attainable, attend the necessary meetings, create or develop your business plan in order for your company to raise what it needs.

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