Company Secretarial

Does your business need help with meeting administrative targets? The company secretary and chartered accountant service from The Kelvin Partnership will help you in the process of meeting legal administrative requirements!

After providing daily support to businesses for several years, if you opt to use our company secretary and chartered accountant service, you will not be disappointed. We are dedicated to provide a high standard of secretarial help as we believe it acts as the backbone to a successful company. Our other accounting services, carried out by a Glasgow accountant, are completed with the aim of providing a steady level growth and planning, which is unique for every business!

Company Secretary and Chartered Accountant Service

Of course, our secretarial support will be individual for every company, we do cover a lot of tasks;

  • Company Formation – providing advice and drawing up an appropriate business plan
  • Filing the annual accounts, accurately and on time by the HMRC deadline
  • Preparing the necessary documentation at any time, for example, there is a new shareholder, investor or new managerial members
  • Advising in board meetings and drawing up minutes

Why use The Kelvin Partnership?

There are a number of benefits in using our secretarial support services. Outsourcing the responsibility of secretarial work to our accounting team allows managers and directors to focus more time on other duties. Also, it gives external shareholders and potential/existing investors a sense of security that the essential filing and administrative tasks are being completed and maintained properly and regularly.

As our team have a vast set of skills and experience, when it comes to undertaking the necessary secretarial services they are guaranteed carried out at the highest of standards. This means that mistakes will not be made (in terms of meeting deadlines and filling out important paperwork properly) and so, costs will be reduced. This will provide an immunity from the risk of prosecution from HMRC.

If you feel like your company is lacking the additional support it needs when it comes to filing, you should use our company secretary and chartered accountant service! It can be a stressful experience to make sure every duty is completed effectively and properly, this is why it is worthwhile to use our service.

Trust our accountants to help your business with secretarial matters.

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