Company Formation

Are you looking to register your business as a limited company? Our accounting team offer a company formation service, making sure your ambitions of successfully incorporating a business are fulfilled!

Like the other accounting services we offer, our company formation service is well thought out and unique to each client. After helping a range of different business start off, we know how important it is to work together in drawing up an effective and practical company formation plan.

What is our Company Formation Service?

Our company formation service is a process which ensures your business is incorporated by Companies House to become a limited company. We will act as mentors through each stage necessary in the company formation process. This includes incorporation services and ensuring the appropriate filing is completed on time. We know that the process of company formation can be daunting and very complex, so we are here to help! A Glasgow accountant will be involved in the company formation process, from start to finish, answering your questions and finding solutions for any problems that could potentially arise.

Why Choose The Kelvin Partnership?

With a team brimming full of experienced and hard working people, The Kelvin Partnership will no doubt effectively and successfully help with the formation of your company. We have a dedication and passion for making sure clients are advised from start to finish, we can guarantee that you won’t be left without support and guidance from one of our team! After our initial meeting, we will remain in constant communication to make and maintain a trusted relationship. We consider this an essential step which is part of all of our accounting services, so we know exactly what you want and when.

Benefits of Company Formation

One of the main reasons to incorporate a limited company is to lower limit the financial responsibility liability of the legal business owner. Also, incorporating your business as a limited company establishes your business in having a professional image among your competitors and clients. The importance creating a strong business image is crucial in differentiating your business from others, and portraying a sense of reliability. Therefore making your company, no matter what industry it may be associated with, attractive to shareholders, investors and new clients. With an overall effect of having more agreeable rates of tax and establishing your business as more attractive, incorporating your business as a limited company is extremely worthwhile. Using our company formation service, an accountant from The Kelvin Partnership will ensure your business achieves this success. We will be efficient in providing additional advice and support to make the experience stress free and as easy as possible!

Incorporate your business with Companies House with the help of The Kelvin Partnership.

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