February 14, 2017

Your Personal Tax Account

Do you need a simpler way of accessing your tax information and details? Using a personal tax account is very worthwhile enabling you to check your records and manage your details. It is a system that brings all of your details into one place, you can easily register, file, pay and change your tax information whenever you like! The online personal tax account system is essentially like online banking. Alongside HMRC’s online tax account which is for small and medium sized business to process tax, this system is aimed at individuals. This system is so convenient! If you are unsure of this, a Glasgow accountant will be able to help!

Setting Up

Our Glasgow Accountants had at work on your personal tax account

Before you can access a personal tax account you will need a Government Gateway account and a National Insurance Number. After you set it up, you will be able to access your personal tax account on any device, for example a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Services Offered

The stack of coins you could save on your personal tax account

There are many tasks you can complete using your personal tax account. For example, currently you can use the self-assessment service. This allows you to file your self assessment tax return, view secure messages, look at your Annual Tax Summary. Also, using this service you can view or print your tax calculation. The personal tax account also allows you to use other services like managing your child benefit or state pension! This will allow you to find out how much State Pension you could get, when you will get it and how to increase it. Are you annoyed by all the documents you receive from HMRC? By using the personal tax account, you will be able to go paperless. Meaning you can opt out from the paper copies of which HMRC send you.

The personal tax account also enables you to update things like your company car details and your medical benefit information. The personal tax account system makes life easier, with resources and support available at your fingertips! If you would like advice as to whether this system is right for you and your needs, an accountant from The Kelvin Partnership give you all the help you need!

Safe and Secure

A safe lock shows that your personal tax account is secure.

The personal tax account system is safe and security is a main priority for HMRC. There is a secure login. A time out system which means that if you have forgotten to log out of your online account, after 15 minutes of inactivity you will automatically be logged out! A firewall protection is a very effective security barrier around your data. The HMRC personal tax account system also displays when the last log in attempts were. Putting your mind at ease that it is solely you using the account!

Need help?

Our Glasgow accountants gather to discuss your personal tax link with you.

An accountant from The Kelvin Partnership will make sure that if you choose to use this system, you are doing so correctly! If you need help in setting it up how to use a personal tax account to the full potential, just ask an accountant any question you may have. With a variety of services offered it is easy to forget what information you need for each service. Have a look at some of our previous posts to find out more!

If you would like any more information as to how or why you would need a personal tax account, contact us!