Our Promises

What are our promises to you? Our team are always going above and beyond to please clients. From the beginning we set out to maintain a trusting and dedicated relationship with the anyone we work with. Our accountants for business and personal services are ready to help you!

For over 30 years The Kelvin Partnership has offered a range of high quality accounting services. Our accountants for business and personal matters maintain the same level of skill and understanding in every situation. Based in the West End of Glasgow, we work everyday to ensure the happiness of each of our clients.

You Can Trust Us

One of the most important parts to of a client relationship is trust. We know that many accountants for business purposes do not take time and effort to get to know the client. This is not the case for our team, we pride ourselves on taking the time to establish trusted business relationships. It is vital that, when it comes to making important and occasionally difficult decisions, you can trust us to make the best moves.

Always in Contact

Communication is a key part of our service! Regular contact enables us to fulfill your accounting needs to highest standard. We place great importance on communicating with clients not only to keep you informed of anything new, but to ensure you do not have any worries or stresses. Hand over the financial reigns of your business to our team and you can expect routine updates!

We Listen

After years in the accounting sector we have learned so much about the needs of both business and personal clients. This has enabled us to develop the way we operate as a firm and as a result we know more how crucial it is to dedicate time to listen to the clients’ ambitions. Listening enables us to fully understand the point of view of the client, and so, set goals are more likely to be achieved and finances constantly improving.

Expert Advice

Along with a high level of accounting service, the the accountants for business at The Kelvin Partnership offer expert advice. After working with a range of companies in the past, from construction sector to retail clients, we know that every business needs differing services. Nowadays, many accounting companies consider all business to be the same and need the same help. The Kelvin Partnership team will recognises your particular situation and work from there!

Specific Services

We offer a wide range of accounting services that our existing clients are constantly benefitting from! For commercial clients, we can provide you with business specific accounting services. For example; help with company formation, tax efficient company structure and raising finance or investment. Are you looking for personal financial help? Our expert accountants can offer up personal tax, capital gains and inheritance tax advice! We promise that every service we provide to a client is completed to the highest possible standard.

Take advantage of The Kelvin Partnership and experience the accounting benefits of our promises first hand!