December 29, 2018

3 Ways to Boost your Employee Spirit for January

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Looking for ways to boost employee spirit in the New Year? Start 2019 off in the most positive way by incorporating this advice from the limited company accountants at The Kelvin Partnership!

Ways to Boost Employee Spirit – Advice from Limited Company Accountants

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Employee happiness is so important!

Celebrate and Motivate

On one of the first days back in business after the festive period, make sure to gather everyone for a motivating and refreshing meeting. Everyone will most likely be feeling deflated in January! So, make sure your team have a positive attitude moving forward into the business year. You can achieve this by having a celebration of everyone’s achievements from 2018 and using them as motivation for individual goals for 2019. Showing your employees that you value their presence and effort, no matter the size of the business, does well in motivation and triggering a happy atmosphere.

Change Things Up

Another simple way of boosting employee spirit is by changing things up. Whether this be conducting reviews and meetings in a different way, implementing incentives or re-decorating your workplace. It is very effective to reignite your employees’ passion for what they do by creating difference in their day-to-day environment! In our last post we focused on the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping responsibilities to a Glasgow accountant. This is an example of a very effective change you can implement in 2019. This is because it will most likely create a drastic difference to the otherwise normal business operations.

Introduce New Faces

If you are in a position to hire new employees, take it! This way, other employees will be motivated to help the fresh face navigate their way around the business. And so, the existing employee will find a new passion for their role. If you are wary of employing people and finding the process of payroll challenging, our limited company accountants are here to help. Our Payroll service takes care of all aspects of hiring and PAYE.

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