August 23, 2017

How Likely Are You To Face A Tax Investigation?

Worried about an investigation from HMRC? If you find an accountant with a wealth of experience and qualifications, like our team at The Kelvin Partnership, your business will have nothing to stress about! The possibility of an investigation is out of your hands, HMRC’s checks are completely at random.

A Glasgow accountant from The Kelvin Partnership will be able to offer an organised and thorough service no matter what your tax needs are! After working with a variety of companies over the years, our accountants understand how stressful tax can be. With our guidance, you can guarantee that if your business is up for a tax investigation, there is nothing to worry about!

Tax Planning

If you are self employed or run a small business, at first tax can seem daunting! Our tax planning service will help you with all things stressful. Initially we will advise you on your tax position and and ensure that you are not paying any more tax than you are meant to.  To ensure you comply with all legislation, guidance from an accountant is essential at this stage in the tax process. Whilst completing your tax returns and tax obligations. Our tax returns and self-assessment service will guarantee your business is in the best position if HMRC come calling!

Tax Disputes

To find an accountant with the ability to solve your tax disputes is easy. However, to find an accountant willing to guide you every step of the way and prioritise your tax needs is difficult. The team at The Kelvin Partnership can help you at each stage of a tax dispute and keep you constantly updated. If in fact your business does have a disagreement with HMRC and a tax dispute is the result, you can count on us. With our tax dispute service, we will ensure you know your taxpayer rights.

Tax Enquiries & Investigations

If HMRC does contact you for an investigation, just remember that our accountants will fight for your case! Being investigated doesn’t mean your business has done anything wrong! HMRC chooses their tax investigations at random as well as for specific reasons. If in the case HMRC does incur your business with penalties, our accounting team will work to their best ability to minimise those penalties.

Also, each of the tax returns we submit go through an anti-investigation scanning check beforehand. This helps reduce the likelihood of being investigated for tax. A way of identifying any areas that might possibly lead to an enquiry.

Find an Account – The Kelvin Partnership

Here at The Kelvin Partnership we think it is very important to keep our clients up to date with the world of accountancy! Want to learn more about when it’s the right time to hire an accountant? Look at our last post.

Want to find an accountant to help prevent a tax investigation? Don’t hesitate to contact our team.