September 20, 2017

How To Take Time Off When You Are Self Employed

Struggling to find time to take a break from work? If you are self-employed it’s hard to know when it’s the right time to! It’s so easy to overwork without realising. Here at The Kelvin Partnership, we understand that everyone needs to take time off, no matter how many hours you work. Our small business accountants will work with you, to establish a plan and help with any other financial need.

After working for over 10 years, with people in different industries, we have the experience and understanding needed to give you the appropriate advice. Every business needs a pair of fresh eyes to give some new positive guidance. Let our small business accountants help you to realise when it’s the best point to take time off!


Being self-employed, a work free week means no income, there is no way to avoid that. There is no point in having time off if you aren’t going to properly relax. So, to make sure that happens, planning is essential! Instead of sporadically taking a week, plan a month or two in advance. A time off plan will let you know what exactly is going on and reduce any chance of worrying about work.

small business accountants planning Our small business accountants are always planning.

Organise Finances

No matter when you take your time off, make sure that your incomings and outgoings are up to date. So that nothing limits your ability to enjoy your holiday. If you are worried, about finances, our small business accountants are more than happy to help! However, if you are working to save for your time off, make sure you do this with a couple of months beforehand to allow plenty of time!

money stacked balanced Keep yourself on top of finances.

Work is Off Limits

Have you finally managed to take a holiday? Make the most of it! Self-employed people especially find it hard to switch off, but to destress it is essential. Do not look at any emails, stop all work-related activities and don’t take any calls! Whether you are just having a week at home or are half way around the world, taking time away from your phone and computer will help you feel much better.

phone behind red circle Work is off limits, make sure you take time out!

Prioritise your Health

Another reason you should decide to take time off is the health benefits. Everyone is guilty of working too much no matter the profession. However, it is even more important to take time for your mental wellbeing when you are self-employed.  When you return to work after a holiday you will be even more refreshed and motivated to work! Think of how productive you will be! Plan it, save for it and completely switch off. It is the only way to truly benefit.

plane off into the sunset Put yourself first when you’re on holiday! Make sure you relax.

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