January 15, 2019

How to Motivate Your Employees at Work

motivate your employees

Wondering how to motivate employees at work? Lack of motivation can lead to many things going wrong and the demise of a business. Employers are therefore responsible for ensuring employee motivation and wellbeing. As a business owner, you can’t expect employees to be constantly motivated if there is no acknowledgement, gratification or incentive.

As we mentioned in our last post, motivation can be difficult to find at the beginning of a new year! However, if you find it to be a problem for your business throughout the year and not just in January, listen to this advice from a Glasgow accountant at The Kelvin Partnership.

How to Motivate Employees at Work – Advice from The Kelvin Partnership

how to motivate employees at work
Follow advice from our business experts for employee motivation!

Fair and Proper Leadership

Strong leadership is at the centre of any successful company. A fair management team is needed to reinforce values and positivity in the workplace. If an employer has a negative approach to daily activities, what’s stopping the employee? If your current employees aren’t motivated, you need to look first at those in high power positions. Is there a strong sense of communication? Are the management team performing well themselves? It is essential that those with higher up positions within your organisation respect and value those working under them.

Ensure Job Security

Another way to make sure your employees are motivated is to make them aware that their position within the company is secure. It is often the case that people underperform and feel unmotivated because they feel replaceable. As an employer, it is your duty to make sure employees feel comfortable and secure within their role. When it comes to important matters of ensuring the stability of a career and income; you owe employees honesty and clear communication.

Opportunities to Progress

The final way in which you can motivate employees is by creating opportunities for career progression. If your staff feel like there is no chance of development within your company, they may feel that they don’t need to perform as well as they are capable of. To help those who feel like there is no chance of moving up in their job or your company, start thinking forward and creating more opportunities – if you can.

Make sure your employees are motivated throughout 2019 with help from The Kelvin Partnership.