June 12, 2019

How to Maintain Employee Productivity During the Summer

how to increase productivity of employees

In many businesses, the summer months are often more relaxed, and the work pace can often slow down. In large corporations, this is not likely to become a problem, as there are many employees who can pick up the workload of colleagues going on holiday.

For small businesses, however, maintaining employee productivity can prove difficult. Many of our clients are small business owners, and so we have decided to write this post to help you maintain, and even increase the productivity of employees this summer.

1. Establish Clear Time Off Policies

In order for businesses to keep operating smoothly through the summer, managers should establish clear and detailed policies about holidays and time off. Without a clear policy, you risk your office descending into chaos because of employees asking for summer holidays or days off on short notice, and you having to refuse them. You should establish a clear time off policy and ask that employees request their holidays well in advance of the summer months.

2. Schedule Summer Activities.

While it remains essential to meet deadlines and complete tasks, planning summer activities can increase employees’ morale and therefore boost their productivity. Simple activities such as “ice cream socials” or a barbecue can help increase employees’ sense of involvement.

3. Embrace The Slow Down.

Depending on the industry, business tends to be quieter during the summer months. Take advantage of this quieter time to set up some time to prepare for the rest of the year, and reflect on what your business has achieved so far. You can also take advantage of this time by making your employees aware of dates and deadlines for large projects, and relegate small, less time-consuming tasks for the busier months.

How to Increase Productivity of Employees – Plan Ahead

If you would like help planning your business goals this summer, get in touch, we would be happy to help.