How to Choose an Accountant

Looking for an accountant? The Kelvin Partnership are more than happy to help you out! The process of choosing an accountant will have a direct impact on the future of your business and personal financial life!

The Kelvin Partnership has a team of accountants ready to help you. We know the different stages of choosing an accountant can be time consuming, so to make it easier, we are offering our advice! A range of factors can influence this decision, just remember to keep every need in mind when looking at options.

When Do I Choose an Accountant?

The time in which you find your accountant will all depend on your circumstances. Choosing an accountant is a process that shouldn’t be rushed! It is crucial, that you take the necessary time to consider pros and cons of each firm you look into. If you have a business, and are changing accountants or outsourcing the responsibility for the first time, it may take a team effort to decide on the most appropriate and skilled accountants.

In a case in which you are just starting a business, one of the first things you do should be to find an accountant. This will help the company formation stage progress considerably! Having an accountant to advise you on all aspects of start-up, expenditure and registering with the appropriate tax authority, will help you in achieving an up and running business more quickly, without any mistakes being made.

Where Do I Find an Accountant?

When beginning the process of choosing an accountant, it is vital to think about what you really need! It might be important for you to have a local accountant, a specialised accountant, a personal accountant or a business accountant etc., In each of these cases, a simple Google research may be the only step you need to take to find the perfect candidate! However, there are other ways to find an an accountant;

  • Look at social media and online forums, testimonials and reviews
  • Ask friends, colleagues and other businesses
  • Local publications – magazines, newspapers,

Carrying out research will not only help you in finding an accountant, it will allow you to make some initial judgements and provide you with a range of options. After this stage, it is important to look further into the services offered by each of the firms. Weigh up the positives and negatives of each, then proceed to contact them.

What Do I Look for in an Accountant?

After compiling a list of potential options, turn your attention to the skills and qualifications they have. Though your priorities will depend your circumstance, a quality accountancy firm should display that they have;

  • A good reputation – look online for reviews and testimonials
  • Excellent communication skills – if the accountancy firm you approach has not responded at all or has taken a while to get back you, this might display signs that, in the future they could be unreliable or inefficient. Communication is key in a field like accounting!
  • Qualifications – It is essential that any accountant is qualified. It is even more essential that, if the firm is offering something specialised, they show that they are qualified to deliver that specific service.

Also, it is vital that they;

  • Are happy and willing to answer any of your questions
  • Understand you, which will allow you both to develop a successful working relationship
  • Show dedication towards helping you or your business
  • Take the right risks that have potential to pay off in the future
  • Have an effective team dynamic
  • Are reliable and thorough when delivering and completing work
  • A positive attitude!

Why Should I Choose an Accountant?

An accountant does not simply help you with financial services, they can offer support and advice to you at any time. Having the helping hand of an accountant will allow you to maintain an organised and stress free life! Whether you are using personal or business accounting services, having this additional support gives you the opportunity to concentrate on other things, knowing your financial life is being carefully looked after.

Choosing an Accountant – The Kelvin Partnership

The steps you need to take in finding your perfect accountant are worthwhile! At The Kelvin Partnership, we are a team of accountants dedicated to helping and creating success for personal and professional clients in any way possible. Our existing clients fall under a range of categories, therefore to meet their needs, our team are trained to the highest level!

Choose The Kelvin Partnership to be your trusted accountant.