November 8, 2016

How Can The Kelvin Partnership Help With Your Taxes?

The Kelvin Partnership can help you with all aspects of tax. From planning to settling disputes, they can advise you any personal or business concern. If you are in need of tax advice Glasgow based accountants, The Kelvin Partnership, can provide you with help in any area of business!

Help with your taxes is only one way an accountant from The Kelvin Partnership can help you and your business as we discussed last time. Let’s take a closer look at what a Glasgow accountant from The Kelvin partnership can do for you.

Helping people in need of tax advice Glasgow based accountants can offer

Tax Enquiries and Investigations

If your company is unlucky enough to become under investigation by HMRC, then you will need the support of a well experienced and qualified accountant. At The Kelvin Partnership, we know how the HMRC operate. We can guarantee we will do everything to fight your case. These random inspections and enquiries are very unpleasant and can be incriminating. So to ensure the best outcome, finding a trustworthy and experienced accountant will be the best solution.

Tax Disputes

As well as enquiries and investigations, we can help you with any tax disputes. If you have any disagreements between your company and HMRC, we will be right there to solve the problem. These disputes can arise in many areas, for example; employment status disputes, which are very common in a self-employed situation or settlement disputes, if you are perhaps divorcing. There is a vast range of unfortunate situations you can find yourself or your business in. You are in need of tax advice Glasgow based accountants can offer!

Tax Planning

We will also be there from the tax planning stage. Completing a tax return properly is very important, however there are many ways of saving tax and not paying HMRC any more than required.  Tax planning is always difficult, we have a tax busting checklist and calculator to help you to gain more knowledge about your own situation.

Tax Returns

The crucial part of the tax planning process is filling out the tax return properly. Whether it be for you as an individual or your company, it is important that they are completed on time and correctly. Also, to help you with this we have a personal tax organiser and an introduction to self-assessment help sheet. Along with our help these resources will give you a kick start into understanding your tax situation.

If you would like anymore information as to how we can help your business, contact us.