May 31, 2017

How Can an Accountant Help Small Businesses

The Kelvin Partnership are more than experienced in providing accounting for small businesses! Over the several years we have been in business we have helped a range of companies, from manufacturers to the service industry.

Is your business in need of an accountant?

A Glasgow accountant from our team, based in the West End, will be able to guarantee your business has stable and organised finances. Our chartered accountants understand not only your business needs, but can also help with personal financial situations or questions.

Thinking of forming your own company?


It is a daunting process to form a company. That is why our accountants at The Kelvin Partnership can give any struggling start-ups advice and guidance. The success of any business relies heavily on its financial strength, we will make it our priority to ensure your business is ready to strive for any set goals!

Where is your business going?

An accountant for new business needs make sure your company is valued properly

Another service we offer is help in growing or developing your small business. It is crucial that our accountants work closely with you to understand wholly what the business needs are. Depending on the stage at which the company is at, there is a range of services that could be appropriate. Using our health check service for initial assessment, then working to develop a plan, for growth and continuing success. This service is particularly beneficial in accounting for small businesses.

“Not only will they (accountants) help you manage your accounts, they will also help you to make better business decisions, help your company grow, legally minimise your tax bill, and, of course, save you lots of time on admin.”

Sage (UK) Limited


Costs & Budgeting

If you are looking to reach goals and change up your company, rethinking your budget and expenses will make it possible for changes within your company to occur. Whether this process includes changing bank accounts, investments or employing more or less people. At The Kelvin Partnership, we understand the business process, especially when it comes to growth.

We can sort out your taxes!

money stacked balanced

One of the most typical services you can expect to be offered from an accountant is help with taxes. At the Kelvin Partnership, we offer support with tax disputes, enquiries and planning. If, you are struggling to complete tax returns and obligations on time and accurately, one of our accountants can offer the tax planning service. No matter whether you are looking for a new accountant or specifically for accounting for small businesses, we will be more than happy to help. Interested in more services our small business accountants can offer to businesses, look at our last post!

If you think that our team will be able to help you develop your business, help with tax etc. or have any other accounting enquiries, get in touch!