June 28, 2017

How can an Accountant Help Get your Business Started?

Looking for an accountant to help your business get started? For many reasons, an accountant for small business is crucial for a start up! A Glasgow accountant from The Kelvin Partnership can provide all advice and prepare you thoroughly for the business world. Need help in a specific area? We will take your business’ finances in the right direction.

The Kelvin Partnership have been working with a variety of businesses for several years. From the manufacturing industry to retail, our accounting team have the experience and knowledge appropriate for any situation you may be in.

Business Bank Account

One of the most important aspects of starting a business, is choosing the right bank account. Having a complete separate bank account will make it easier when it comes to tax time! It is a legal requirement for a partnership or corporation to have a bank account separate for business. It is worthwhile to consider how you organise savings, funds etc. Talking to an accountant for small business will give you a better chance of opening up the right account.

Monitoring Expenses


It is also important to keep up to date with your expenses. It is a crucial aspect of beginning a business that lets you keep tabs on business growth, tax returns and providing evidence for that tax return. We will help you to establish a method for organising important financial records! Starting your business from home? You will then be able to qualify for some unique tax options.

“Starting a new business means you have many plates spinning in the air as you try to manage the many different things needed to get your business off the ground. Getting the right support is crucial, and finding an accountant that really understands your business needs and gives you the peace of mind that the financial side your company is in safe their hands.” 

Think about Bookkeeping

Our accountants at The Kelvin Partnership will help you to understand what exactly bookkeeping is, how this differs from accounting and how to begin a bookkeeping method that works for your new business. You can choose from using a software programme online, using an outsourced bookkeeper or the option of hiring an accountant!


money stacked balanced

Another thing to consider is setting up a payroll system. For you employees, you need to think about a payroll plan. An accountant for small business can provide you with all the options! We will work together to make sure that you are making important payroll decisions tax wise. In this situation it is also important to recognise if you, the business owner, are self employed or employed. There are differences! Look at our last post to learn more.

If you think your start up needs any kind of accounting help, contact us.