June 18, 2019

3 Tips to Prepare for Summer for Small Business Owners

business tips for small business owners

For some small companies, business is booming during the summer. For others, this sunny season often is synonymous with decreased productivity. However, as we explained in our last post, there are many ways to maintain and even increase employee productivity during the summer, and the same goes for your businesses’ sales and visibility. Regardless of your business’s activity, we have compiled our 3 business tips for business owners to make the best of the summer.

1.  Take lots of pictures

Whether it’s pictures of happy customers using your products this summer, holiday shots of your employees, or documenting the barbecues and other summer socials your team gets to enjoy, your audience on your social media platforms will more than likely engage with these kinds of fun, light-hearted post. Bonus point: You can use the pictures as summer throwbacks during the cold winter months, to motivate your staff.

2. Try Something New

Embrace the potentially slower months and take advantage of them by trying something new. It could be creating a new social media account or mixing it up with your existing social media posts. You could also try something different in terms of office organisation. Summer is a great time to experiment with new ideas for your business, and if they are successful, you can them continue implementing when autumn comes.

3. Grow your email list.

Summertime is a great opportunity to focus on growing your email list. Something as simple as a pen and a paper sign-up sheet in your shop, restaurant or office, will help you stay in touch with your customers and clients, and update them all year long. You could also ask for their place of residence, which would give you a good idea of where your customers come from. That could also help you fine-tune and tailor your social media to your customers.

Business Tips for Small Business Owners

If you would like more business tips for small business owners to help you achieve your business goals, Glasgow accountants, The Kelvin Partnership, are glad to help. Get in touch today!