December 13, 2017

Business Planning – How to Have a Successful 2018

Planning for 2018 is essential. Every successful business is the product of a quality business plan. Follow the advice of The Kelvin Partnership and it will be more likely your business will thrive in the new year. Our Glasgow accountant team thrive in small business planning.

The Kelvin Partnership are a chartered accounting firm based in the west end of Glasgow. We have helped a variety of businesses with a wide range of financial services, from book-keeping to advice about company formation.

Where is Your Business at the Moment?

business planning

Think of what you have at the moment. Think of where you want to be!

In order to produce the most successful business plan for the new year, you need to figure out where you are. Think about the past year and what you have achieved and what you have failed at. An approach like this will ensure that you are being blunt and honest with yourself as a business owner. Defining specific areas of your business you want to build upon, you will automatically be starting off the new year in a foreword-thinking, positive way.

What Matters the Most?

business goals

What are your objectives for 2018?

Another aspect of small business planning it is important to look at is what matters to you the most. If you have a clear notion of goals and what it takes to reach that, it will be a simpler, less complicated journey to get there. Are you a small business? Take on board employee opinion in order to identify different ideas about the direction of the company. A successful 2018 will rely on effective teamwork throughout the business and widespread positivity towards the coming year.

Put Resources to Good Use

business resource resource

Put your existing resources to good use in 2018.

Your resources are so valuable. Our accounting team will help you to realise any parts of the business that you could begin to work on or put to their best use. No matter the business or the industry, every business has the main key parts that enable it to operate. Money is one of these, vital to any success. Think of the best way for money to be spent. Quality employees are also key. Seek to understand the best way they work and what they are truly skilled at. A proper understanding of those who work around you will go far in small business planning.

Work to A Time Scale

small business planning timescale

Using a timeline, you will be able to compare your successes against it.

Small business planning relies on an established starting and end date. Without a timescale, you would not know when how to evaluate achievements. Everything you work towards should have a deadline or a certain time when it is aiming to be reached. A timescale will give you the ability to gage how much your business can achieve in an allotted time, which would be great reference for the year after.

Small Business Planning for 2018 with The Kelvin Partnership

At The Kelvin Partnership we are looking forward to 2018! Read our last post, it looks at how to prepare your finances for the new year. Receive the accounting advice you deserve from The Kelvin Partnership.