September 11, 2018

5 Business Tips for a Successful Summer

Are you looking for business ideas for summer? With the distraction of the good weather, we understand it can be difficult to stay motivated. However, summer is a crucial time for business.

We have been giving experienced financial advice to businesses across industries for several years. And so, we know how much of a struggle it can be during the warmer months to stay on top of that busy workload. Don’t panic! A Glasgow accountant from The Kelvin Partnership can get you through the chaos.

Business Ideas for Summer from The Kelvin Partnership

business ideas for summer

The Kelvin Partnership can help you this summer!

Create a Media Plan

Every business benefits from an effective marketing and communications plan. Use summer months to trial and implement new ideas.  Summer can also be a great time to improve your social media presence. Update your profiles with interesting content which is relevant to the season. Make sure the things you’re posting is something your followers will want to engage with and share!

Build Your Network

Depending on the size of your business or your goals for growth; you should consider building up your network over summer. The easiest way to do this is by enhancing interaction and dedication in online and local business communities.

Update Your Website

Another way you can maintain motivation and productivity during those warmer months is by updating your website. A website needs to stay updated so that people can easily learn about your service/products and how you can help them. A potential customer or client is much more likely to respond to your company if you have consistent, up to date information on your website.

Revisit Business Strategy

As mentioned in our previous post, at the halfway point of the year it is very important to have a mid-year review. This means revisiting practices you have been adopting for the past months and thinking of ways to improve and develop them. However, if you don’t want to conduct the full mid-year review you should at least look take a look at your business strategy. One of the expert accountants from The Kelvin Partnership can provide you with an outside opinion on how your business is performing and advise about how to set realistic goals.

Hire an Accountant

Our last piece of advice when it comes to business ideas for summer – hire an accountant or a new accountant if needed. Not only can an accountant provide support when it comes to taxes, VAT and your finances – the team from The Kelvin Partnership can provide a fresh, outside perspective on important business matters. We have a wealth of clients who notice benefits in out-sourcing their accounting services.

Trust The Kelvin Partnership when it comes to growing your business over summer.