September 22, 2017

Become a Millionaire with Tywin Lannister’s Business Plan

As a business owner you can take a lot of advice from Game of Thrones! Tywin Lannister’s business model provides us with a lot of insight as to how to run a long-lasting stable company. You might be thinking, ‘Why is an accountant near me giving business advice using Game of Thrones?’ But if you continue reading, it will become clear that you should start thinking like Tywin Lannister did!

With over 10 years of experience in accounting we know that there is not one simple way of creating a successful business. However, if there are the right foundations, any business will be able to progress and grow! At The Kelvin Partnership we prioritise creating a long-lasting, trusting and valuable relationship with our clients. Working closely, we will always make sure that you know exactly what is going on!

To the others in Westeros, it seemed that the Lannister fortune was as a result of a healthy gold mining business. However, viewers understood that not to be the case! We knew that the mines had run out years ago and so, how did Tywin Lannister keep up a wealthy persona?

Take Risks

One of the main pieces of business advice we can take from Tywin Lannister’s plan is to take risks! To remain in his financially successful position, Tywin had to invest in a hostile takeover which resulted in his family gaining control of the continent. He had no choice than to do this, risking everything to ensure success. Though risks don’t always pay off, it is crucial to realise to take them. Your business will benefit from strategic risk taking, as long as you take into consideration resources, finances etc., you will have the best outcome!

risk taking Make sure your risks are strategic and worthwhile!

Learn from Mistakes

Another piece of advice we can take from Tywin Lannister is to learn from mistakes. Every business is going to make mistakes and you aren’t going to get past it if you don’t learn from it! The Red Wedding was Tywin Lannister’s big mistake. Getting past a business mistake will also be easier with the help from an accountant. If you are wondering, ‘is there an accountant near me?’ Look no further than the Glasgow based firm, The Kelvin Partnership!

an accountant near me can help with business mistakes Remember that you can always solve and learn from mistakes!

A Secondary Income is Valuable

Think about the future! Is your business growing? Do you have a realistic plan? Have you thought about a secondary income? Though most businesses have one service, it is worthwhile to think about an alternative income for the future. Tywin Lannister was not simply a gold seller, he branched out, going for the crown! Your business too will be able to go into different sectors. Sorting out a second source of income will make your company more versatile!

make money written on chalk board What accountant near me can help? The Kelvin Partnership will help find a second reliable income.

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