January 7, 2019

Beat Business January Blues with These Growth Tips

steps to developing a business plan

Don’t give in to business January blues! If you’re conscious of keeping your business moving along and keeping employee morale high this month, listen to our expert advice. A Glasgow accountant from The Kelvin Partnership can give you the right steps to developing a business plan so you can start 2019 in the most positive way possible.

3 Business Motivation Tips from The Kelvin Partnership

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Make sure your business starts off the year in the best way with help from The Kelvin Partnership.

Steps to Developing a Business Plan

As we mentioned in our last post, there are a number of different ways to boost employee spirit for January! One of these is by implementing or changing up a new business plan. Now that the festive season is behind us, make returning to work exciting by creating new goals and strategy. Bring some variety into the office ready for your employees and colleagues to help them face the new year!

Team Resolutions

Another way to beat that bad feeling in January is to set resolutions within teams or departments around your business. Encourage branches or regions of your business to set collective targets. These don’t have to be business related! It could be anything from making an effort with being more eco-friendly or planning monthly activities as a way of winding down and getting to know each other. Team resolutions will help bond your employees and provide something new for 2019!

Accounting Advice

The final way you can ensure that you avoid facing the January blues, is by seeking accounting advice. It is easy to carry on as you were and not try and find ways to change up the way you are running a company. However, sometimes it’s necessary to go out of your comfort zone! Approach an accountant from The Kelvin Partnership with any worries or concerns you may have about your current business situation and we will provide a plan of action or simply some advice from a different perspective. It can make all the difference and take the stress off at the beginning of the year.

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