Changes to Principal Private Residence Relief When You Sell A Property

As part of our comprehensive tax planning services, we advise you on capital gains tax, and the following updates above will be of interest to you if you own properties: Capital gains tax may occur on gains you make when selling a property, unless that property qualifies as your PPR for the entire duration of ownership, in which […]

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How To Create a Financial Contingency Plan

When coming up with techniques for financial planning for their business, most business owners expect and plan for business growth, rather than planning for their businesses failing. This optimistic outlook is a great asset to have for a business owner, however, planning for growth without creating a financial contingency plan is not realistic. When planning […]

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Is Your Leadership Style Evolving With Today’s Workforce?

most effective management style for a modern workplace

In our last blog we talked about business infrastructure. Now, say for example you have the perfect amount of infrastructure – from printers to people. Once you have the ideal team, the next questions are obvious: How do I lead them? What is the most effective management style for a modern workplace? Only someone with […]

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Does Your Business Have the Right Infrastructure in Place?

In our previous blog posts, we addressed tips to prepare your business for the summer. Now that summer is quite suddenly coming to an end, it’s around the time of year where businesses start to ask the bigger questions – for example, “Does my business have the right infrastructure in place?”. To answer this question, […]

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Budgeting Tips for Summer

summer vacation on a budget

While summer may be a slow time for businesses, for individuals, it is typically a time when we spend more than we do the rest of the year, due to holidays, weddings, and other events. While it’s great to indulge once in a while, you should not forget your financial goals altogether this summer! Below […]

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Holiday Pay Entitlement: All You Need to Know

holiday pay entitlement

As a small business owner it is vital that you understand holiday pay entitlement. A Glasgow accountant from The Kelvin Partnership will guide you and your team through all aspects of understanding holiday pay. As we mentioned in our last post, we are passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive in this difficult and unsure […]

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