Startup Accountants

Are you looking to start a new business?

Setting up a business is a daunting task, there are so many important decisions to make! It is vital that informed and practical choices are made, the success of your business relies on it. Our start up business accountant team will guarantee that your business will have the best foundations in order to thrive.

Are you starting your own business?

Our start up business accountant team take a special interest in each of our clients. A Glasgow accountant can cater for someone who is happy with where their business or an entrepreneur with hopes to develop their start up!

Failure is not an option for our accounting team. Our start up business accountant team provide start-ups with a range of services. Of course, our team will advise you on any specific services from which you will benefit, depending on needs and priorities.

Have You Registered Your Start Up?

As start-up business priorities go, registration should be at the top of your list! Our accounting team understand that you have so many things to remember. We will ensure the necessary forms are filled out for the tax authorities.

Let Us Introduce You!

Having had several years of experience we know that it is very important to establish quality business relationships as soon as possible! We will be able to help your start up connect with local businesses providers, like banks, solicitors etc.

Key Services We Offer:

Business Planning To ensure that you have secure and realistic strategy to start with! Looking things like budget, cash flow and profit forecasts.

Business Structure No matter whether you are starting the business as a sole-trader, limited company or partnership – our team will assist you on the best structure for your business needs.

Company Formation We offer a range of company formation packages, which cover all important start up business aspects. Do you have a tailor made company? A Limited Liability Partnership? It doesn’t matter! Our company formation service can help any form of business.

Raising Finance A very important start up business concern, we will assist in raising finance from lenders and offer any helpful advice on possible sources of finance.

Strategic Planning Unsure of your business direction? What are your goals? The strategic planning service from our start up business accountant team can help you realise where you want to go and how to go about achieving this!

Management Information Allowing you to make the right decisions – this service includes providing you with monthly or quarterly management accounts, providing any relevant training, helpful costing information etc.

Tax Planning We also offer a tax planning service, extremely valuable for a start-up business! Our accountants can help to ensure you are paying the absolute minimum tax amount.

Our Start Up Business Accountant Team

Please feel free to come to us with any issue you may have. We are always available to have free meetings, provide unlimited support and present you with any organised paperwork.

Having been providing trusted accounting services for many years we know that small start-up problems can become bigger and bigger if they aren’t addressed. So, if you are having any problems, and are in need of outside perspective or help, contact us!