April 24, 2017

5 Accounting Tips for Your New Business!

Are you a new business owner? A Glasgow accountant, from The Kelvin Partnership has all the information you need when it comes to making your company a success! We have offered advice to many businesses over the years, our trusted new business accountants will place only your best interest first.

Our accountants cover a range of services, but for new businesses our expertise can be catered to your specific needs. For example, tax and payroll advice. Wondering what bank account is the best for your business? Our small business accountants can advise no problem!

Bank Accounts

When it comes to bank accounts, one of the most important jobs at the beginning is to open the best business bank account. We can advise you on the best account for your needs!

Business bank account

Raising Finance

Another important thing to think about for your new business is how you are going to raise the finance. Gaining the right type of finance is vital. A new business accountant can offer advice to do with bank loans and overdrafts, private investments etc. if necessary.

calculator and document

Payroll Advice

As a start-up company, there is a lot to consider. Tackling it on your own is overwhelming. Our new business accountants can take over the payroll responsibility. Payroll is complicated and must be done on time. From employee payslips to monthly summaries, an accountant from The Kelvin Partnership will be able to handle these responsibilities. In your first months as a business owner, it is worthwhile to get a support system who can help with a range of accounting issues!

Fantastic team and service helping my start up business to now growing and being established within my industry. Brian Meldrum offers my business great advise and expertise and highly recommend their amazing services.
Jamie Cuffy, Beata Lei

Tax Advice

Another aspect of starting and running a business is tax. Our new business accountants can introduce you to all terms, deadlines and give an insight into the tax world. Starting with initial help, we can take on the responsibility of tax returns and statutory tax obligations. While you are starting up your company, aspects like these are just another thing to keep on top of. Don’t worry! The Kelvin Partnership have years of experience and will ensure everything is in order.

tax meeting

Business Growth

Our new business accountants do not solely offer financial services. We can also offer help with planning and growth. If you are a sole business owner, this job may be difficult without a person to discuss and brainstorm with. By meeting with one of our accountants, new ideas and new solutions to problems can be developed and achieved. Your business can grow and expand with our help!

woman on computer

If you are a new business and would like any further advice or want to set up a meeting, contact us!