November 10, 2016

12 Tax Tips for Christmas

The Kelvin Partnership can help you with saving on your tax this Christmas. A tax accountant Glasgow based, The Kelvin Partnership, can provide all the guidance you need!

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Tip 1

Why not hold a Christmas party? HMRC provides a tax deduction for an annual event, up to £150 per head. Your staff will really appreciate it! With the help of an accountant, you will be able to have a great time, cost-free.

Tip 2

Another tax tip this Winter is to look at the VAT Flat Rate Scheme. Using this scheme, you will be able to save a lot of money. This would mean you just pay a flat rate percentage.

Tip 3

With the help from our accountants, you can save a whole lot of tax. By paying yourself varying dividends and salary you will be able to pay less tax. Why not have a look at our tax calculator help sheet!

Tip 4

Have a family who has not used up their tax-free allowance, why not involve them in the company? This is a difficult thing to get right, guidance from our experienced accountants will be a huge benefit to you!

Tip 5

If you give gifts to customers this Christmas, you can use this as an advertising opportunity! The gift must have an easily seen advertisement for your company and there is a limit on the cost per client. With our help at The Kelvin Partnership, we will ensure you stick to the rules.

Glasgow Accountants

Tip 6

As well as gifts to your clients, why not treat yourself and change your company car? Another way to save money is to change to a pickup or a van. As these are completely tax deductible.

Glasgow Accountants

Tip 7

We all know petrol is incredibly expensive. Claiming 45p per mile rather than original cost could save you thousands a year. Our  accountants will be able to help you with this and keep you on track.
Glasgow Accountants

Tip 8

If you are a small company or you work from home you can claim some household expenses through your business. It is extremely beneficial to have a local accountant, a tax accountant Glasgow based at The Kelvin Partnership is right on your door step!

Tip 9

Give a gift to your employees during the festive period while saving money! Reward your staff with a share in the company. Our accountants at The Kelvin Partnership will be able to help you to do this. Saving money for both the company and employee.

A man thankful for a tax accountant Glasgow based.

Tip 10

Get organised for the new year! A clear and accurate business record can make all the difference when filling in your tax return. A tax accountant Glasgow based, can ensure all your important information is kept well and maintained thoroughly.

Tip 11

We want to talk to you more! Throughout the year communicating with us can be the difference you need to help your business grow. We want to maintain the trust we have with our clients.

Tip 12

To make your Christmas the best it can be, get a present for yourself! What else is more rewarding that hiring the best tax accountant Glasgow based. We will achieve the best results.

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