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Company Formation

A limited company can often be a tax efficient vehicle through which to do business. After taking initial advice from us, we can have your own limited company up and running within 24 hours. Our company formation service includes dealing with all statutory paperwork including the appointment of directors and the issue of shares. Where relevant, we also take care of registering the company for VAT and as an employer.

Please pay the fixed fee of 120 Pounds (inclusive of VAT) on the button in the client area or on the payment button after you submit the Company Formation form.

Here is what one of our clients has to say about the company formation service from The Kelvin Partnership.

"I used The Kelvin Partnership to incorporate my company. I had a meeting with one of the Directors where we discussed what the pro's and cons of a company are. We also discussed my personal circumstances and looked at the potential income stream to the company. I was then advised on the best structure of the company to meet both the new company and my own personal circumstances. The only thing that I had to do myself was come up with the company name. Once I provided that, and some personal details, the company was set up and a certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association emailed to me the next day.

It was a very straight forward and easy process that I was guided the whole way through by The Kelvin Partnership.

Cliff Gillis Gillis Consultancy Ltd"

We often see companies that have been formed where the structure does not meet the needs of the entity. Why risk getting this wrong when you can contact The Kelvin Partnership? We will provide expert advice to ensure your company is formed, not only to meet its needs, but also ensure it is structured in the most tax efficient manner from the start. After all, amending the structure can have an impact a year or two down the line and can save you a significant amount in tax alone. There is no 'one size fits all' model as every entity and owners have a different set of circumstances.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using The Kelvin Partnership for your company formation:

  • Qualified accountant providing expert advice on the structure
  • Register will all the relevant bodies
  • Company structure correct from the start

Stress free - leaving you time to start building your business.

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Please Note: Your company name cannot be the same as an existing company and it may also be rejected if it is deemed too similar. The name cannot contain certain protected words and under no circumstances should your proposed name contain words that may cause offence. A simple check of your proposed company name will be undertaken automatically. Where your proposed name has already been taken then you can click on the link below to see similar names that are available. This simple check cannot guarantee that your proposed name will be accepted and accordingly you should refrain from entering into any binding agreements until the company name has been confirmed. In the event of your proposed name being rejected then we will contact you for an alternative.

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